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Cement Machinery Spare Parts

Cement Machinery Spare Parts

Systra Technologies as an outstanding engineering, equipment and custom service provider for the cement industry and mining industry, with extensive industry experience, pioneering spirit and continuous customer-oriented innovation capabilities, we can provide a diverse range of products, spare parts, consumables and meticulous services to a diverse customer base in the cement industry and mining industry. We can help you improve and upgrade your equipment, increase productivity, reduce operating costs, and reduce the environmental impact of your operations.

We know that you face many challenges in terms of yield, downtime, wear life and overall efficiency, and our team can provide you with targeted and constructive advice, tailor-made solutions, reliable quality products and components. Our products have been tested in many different environments and put into use in different customer sites, and their reliability and durability are fully proven.

As your service provider, according to your different needs, our service team will rely on professional technical capabilities to provide you with fast and detailed service and support. We take full advantage of our extensive industry experience and stable supply chain to ensure you have timely access to the most suitable products and components to keep your equipment running smoothly.

Your sustainability and long-term success are at the heart of all our services and the driving force behind our own growth.

Proactive predictive and regular maintenance maximizes your efforts to avoid unplanned downtime while improving productivity. The following product descriptions and parts list will help you make accurate and efficient choices in advance.

Rotary Feeder

Accuracy is key in the production process. Too much fuel can cause the process to burn too hot. Lack of fuel can also lead to insufficient heating of material. Both of these conditions affect your product and your bottom line. Our weighing and rationing technologies enable accurate raw material and fuel dosage for optimal combustion and product quality.

Weighing and feeding with the highest possible accuracy is a reliable way to improve combustion and overall production quality. Pfister rotors are called gravity weighing techniques that compensate for disturbances in raw materials and fuel feeds and adjust the speed of the rationing accordingly. This allows the rotor scale to determine feeding speed based on real data, not time, enabling materials such as coal and alternative fuels to be measured with the highest accuracy. Rotors are said to be suitable for raw material grinding and cement grinding, as well as for industries such as steel, fertilizer and coal-fired power plants.


Cross-Bar Cooler

  • Drive plate
  • C-Profile plate
  • Discharge Device
  • MFR Tower
  • Roller Assembly
  • CB Radiator
  • ADP
  • Cross Bar
  • U-Profile
  • Retainer Bracket
  • Inspection hatch
  • Grate Plate

HRB (Heavy-Duty Roll Breaker)

Providing All-Type HRB Side Liners, Segment , Motor, Gearbox etc according to the machine type or nameplate.

Mill Spare Parts

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