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Cement Industry

Cement Industry

Cement Manufacturing Process

  1. Crushing & prehomogenization: cement crusher crush limestone and other materials and stacker and reclaimer homogenize them.
  2. Raw material preparation: use cement mill to process materials into required sizes for cement clinker production.
  3. Clinker production: In the cyclone preheater system, the raw material powder exchange heat with high temperature air in the state of suspension. The further rapid decomposition of carbonate in the rotary kiln produce the cement clinker.
  4. Cement grinding: Cement mill grinding cement clinker into finished cement, which is related to quality of cement.
  5. Packing: Cement delivery can be delivered 5. in bags or bulk.

Cement plant is necessary for cement production, mainly consist of a series of cement equipment apply for preparation of cement raw materials, clinker production, and finished cement production, such as cement mill, cement crusher, rotary kiln, cement roller press, cement dryer, clinker cooler,
cement silo, and related cement plant equipment.

Systra Technologies is focusing cement plant machinery maintenance solutions, providing spare parts and technical support, to bring the cost down and increase production efficiency.

Systra Technologies as an outstanding engineering, equipment and customer service provider for the cement industry and mining industry, with extensive industry experience, pioneering spirit and continuous customer-oriented innovation capabilities, we can provide a diverse range of products, spare parts, consumables and meticulous services to a diverse customer base in the cement industry and mining industry. We can help you improve and upgrade your equipment, increase productivity, reduce operating costs, and reduce the environmental impact of your operations. We know that you face many challenges in terms of yield, downtime, wear life and overall efficiency, and our team can provide you constructive consulting, cusomized solutions, reliable quality components.

Our products have been verified in many different environments and put into use in different customer sites, and their reliability and durability were fully proven. As your service provider, according to your different demands, our service team will rely on professional technical capabilities to provide you with fast and detailed service and support. We take full advantage of our extensive industry experience and stable supply chain to ensure you have timely access to the most suitable products and components to keep your equipment running smoothly. Your sustainability and long-term success are at the heart of all our services and the driving force behind our own growth Equipment We Serve Including but not limited

  • Cement Mill
  • Cement Crusher
  • Rotary Kiln
  • Cement Roller Press
  • Cement Dryer
  • Clinker Cooler
  • Cement Silo
  • Weighing Feeder
  • Cement Packer
  • Other related cement plant equipment

Why Choose Systra Technologies for Cement Industrial Solutions?

Cement Manufacturing is an all-embracing process and needs professionals to proffer efficient industrial solution concerning this field. Here is how we can help you –

The first and foremost thing that Systra Technologies starts with is the process design. Here our team evaluates the authenticity of the mines and then creates a flow-sheet. It helps in creating strategies concerning the use of resources and deciding the prices.

The cost of the mineral processing is kept low so that there is no extra burden on the shoulders of the company. But strict measures are taken to boost the quality standards of the minerals as well.

Mineral processing is a deliberate task and involves a lot of workforce and technology. Thus we endeavour with the most updated techniques, ideas, and solutions. Our motto is to finish the work of mineral processing with a comprehensive benefit for the customers and the clients.

Systra Technologies holds a series of high-class equipment that is used for mineral processing at an extensive level. Our team is experienced in the proper arrangements of the processors, etc to dig out the best performance.

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